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Your Organization Benefits From HealthPlanView

My current formulary tool doesn’t provide my organization’s commercial stakeholder groups the level of detail we need to continue to justify the spend.

Providing more timely and robust data in an easy-to-use, custom-built, business intelligence interface

HealthPlanView benefits your entire organization by offering substantial context to make informed decisions.

Managed Markets Strategy

Provides the data granularity necessary to build best-in-class payer engagement strategies

  • Understand hierarchy of plan-payer-PBM relationships that are rapidly evolving.
  • Compare trends in medical policy changes, formulary status, and cost-sharing
  • Provide easily digestible content for senior management presentations and strategy workshops.
Field Managed Markets

Deploy knowledge to your national account teams that differentiate your organization’s positioning with payers.

  • Compare actual access to medical coverage and policy changes to inform discussions and negotiations.
  • Understand the rationale behind medical policy changes.
  • Review critical documentation that payers will likely reference in negotiations.

Understand access and coverage positioning for the markets that you compete in.

  • Gain a deep understanding of competitor medical policy and coverage positioning.
  • Target HCPs for education about complex policy changes.
  • Inform patient support programs with more accurate patient cost estimates.
Sales Forecasting

Bring your account-based forecasting efforts into laser-focused accuracy with plan detail supported by AI-based algorithms.

  • Align geo-location data to plan and payer demographics.

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The clarity of insights necessary to guide your decisions

HealthPlanView’s evidence gathering processes span hundreds of data sources and assimilation of this data requires hundreds of hours of resources that healthcare entities have historically paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to curate. HealthPlanView consolidates this information for use by field account-based teams, corporate managed markets strategists, brand teams, and for use in account-level and enterprise-wide forecasting.

HealthPlanView arms your team with the most current benefit design details and formulary updates.