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HealthPlanView: A Next-Generation Formulary Tool

Looking for more granular insights into patient cost for your brand and managed markets planning?

HealthPlanView delivers a more comprehensive view of access and coverage

HealthPlanView is a next-generation, subscription-based analytics ecosystem that gives visual insights into patient and plan costs for 63 drug classes, using an innovative, data multiverse of more than 25,000 commercial health plans (covering 99.2% of commercially covered lives) and 3,700 Medicare health plans (covering ALL Medicare covered lives).

What’s included in the platform: 

  • Treatment initiation and continuation cost detailed across all plans considering all benefit design variables
  • Insured lives at the parent and individual plan level
  • Updated with 2020 formulary data and benefit designs
  • Medical benefit and pharmacy formulary policies
  • Flexible expansion – new products, formulary updates, plan and benefit designs added upon request

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True access is determined by more than formulary tier

Formulary tier is no longer a proxy for favorable or unfavorable access. The evolution and variation in plan benefit designs have left legacy formulary tools lacking insight and absent details on prior authorization and step edit criteria, plan design, and cost-sharing information.

HealthPlanView provides an unparalleled level of detail revealing the true drug cost burden to patients and payers.