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HealthPlanView: Customized by Therapy-specific Datasets

Does your current formulary tool give you the detail you need to solve complex reimbursement challenges?

High-budget, customized market research projects have a finite scope and shelf life

HealthPlanView is tailored to meet your needs by supplying your team with therapy-specific datasets.  The information remains current with scheduled updates and may be revisited as new challenges arise, filtering as needed to answer specific questions.  The proprietary platform aggregates data from many sources, both proprietary and public domain, and validates and segregates the data into 6 data families:

Payer parent-child

Benefit design for
each plan

Individual drug


List of plans for
each payer

Formulary link for
each plan


Lifecycle events drive updates to the data

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Annual updates to plan and payer structures
  • Quarterly and scheduled P&T meetings
  • Market basket changes (i.e. new drug launch, regulatory changes, new indications, drug patent expiration, etc.)

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