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Do your legacy formulary tools tell the real story of what patients pay for access to your products?

HealthPlanView assesses the true drug cost burden to patients and payers

Embracing Change

HealthPlanView™ is focused on assessing the true drug cost to patients and payers through continual advancements in our technology. The events of the past months have only accelerated new changes to our platform and data collection.

Our most notable enhancements:

  • New initiative on Copay Accumulators / Copay Maximizers
  • Copay Assistance Program variables to calculate patient OOP impact
  • National and State roll-up views

Additional updates:

  • 2020 benefit design details
  • Expanded range of TAs, primarily in oncology and other specialties, with a focus on Medical Benefit coverage
  • Single snapshot of cost based on multiple criteria
  • New, exportable table view of data

Are you frustrated with the limited data available in legacy formulary tools?

HealthPlanView provides a novel understanding of the cost of accessing Rx drugs from therapy initiation through maintenance treatment. The business insights generated by HealthPlanView originate from data that is not consolidated within current formulary tools, data that includes insured lives, medical policy analysis, and specific costs from each plan benefit design.

HealthPlanView’s subscription-based digital platform provides multi-level perspective into the cost to access treatment, cost to remain on care, and cost differences.

Intuitive interface with granular analysis

Accessible from
any devices

Filters to refine

Comparison between plans

Review therapeutics by drug class


Updated formularies based on P&T schedules

Visual insights into patient and plan costs across

99.2% of Commercial Lives

25,000 Commercial plans
across 290 insurers

100% of Medicare Lives

3,700 Medicare plans
across 250 insurers

63 Drug Classes

in 12 therapeutic

Guiding patient support program development, contracting strategies, critical decisions of brand teams, and field managed markets reimbursement support


payer and plan lives

Cost Burden and Distribution

benefit/formulary design and drug pricing

Coverage Policy

formulary tier, prior authorization criteria, step therapy requirements, in-depth coverage criteria, and utilization management submission processes

Plan Design

medical and pharmacy deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, cost-sharing, and co-pays/co-insurance